How to kill weeds with vinegar salt and sugar

Weeds are a problem for every owner. Weeds grow in beds of flowers and gardens, strangling plants with their roots and stealing all the nutrients in the soil. Weed showers with a chemical herbicide is common; However, this endangers nearby flowers and makes inedible vegetables. There are natural, non-toxic options that can be used to get rid of your property from pesky weeds and keep you valuable plants alive and growing throughout the long season.


1 pull as many herbs as possible by hand. Weeds minus the left grows in your garden, less time that you will have to spend treating them. Put a pair of heavy gardening gloves and wrap your hand around the base of the root, pulling up with constant force to remove the weed and root of the ball from the ground.

2 layer the soil previously infested with weeds with normal white sugar. Sugar enriches the soil and feeds the microbes that prevent the growth of algae. Loosen the soil with a shovel and pour the white sugar into the holes of the shovel. The soil with a hose to melt and distribute the water sugar into the soil.if you’re still not satisfied with this method you can also check weed killers reviewed by Larry that will help you to kill weeds quickly but first, you’ve to read the instructions written on the weed killer bottle.

3 Pour or concentrate vinegar on the stems of the weeds you want to kill. The acid in the vinegar destroys the cellular structure in the roots of the weeds, killing them and drying them. Numerous applications of vinegar will make the soil uninhabitable for weeds and prevent regrowth.

4 Spread a handful of table salt around the base of each herb and do not water the area. Salt pulls liquid from the roots, death from dehydration. Be sure to keep away from the plants you want to survive, as salt dehydrates all plants, not just salt weeds. increase.