How To Manage Health & Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety of your employees and or coworkers is vital in order to operate an effective operation and business. If you happen to be the one in charge of health and safely in your place of work than you need to be sure that you are following the strict guidelines put in place by the U.S. Government. The United States Department of Labor has three separate departments that must be adhered to. These three vital health and safety documents include: Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the employees’ are safe while working. As health and safety officer it is your job to ensure that the employees have what they need to stay safe while they are working at the workplace. Some of the items you are going to have to check include: prevent risks from substances and exposure, maintaining safe workplace, be sure proper gear is used correctly, issue protective clothing and equipment and provide employees with training and instructions. It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure they are: following the rules and regulations, not engaging in something dangerous, not taking drugs or alcohol while at work, and reporting any health or safety risks to the safety officer.

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How to Organize an Expo in Dubai?

Arranging an expo in Dubai is not an easy job. There are numerous technicalities involved in it. The organizers need to get in touch with a lot of governmental departments and go through a lot of legal documentations and proceedings which becomes a hassle for a common man and especially if some foreigner is looking to arrange an expo or exhibition to market their company`s products or services. For this purposes, experts at exhibition designers Dubai help the person who is looking to arrange an expo.

exhibition designers

To arrange an expo in Dubai, one has to go through some steps, Exhibition Designers Dubai not only guides its customers but also arrange expo by themselves so that their valued customers do not have to go through all the arduous tasks and concentrate on other things at hand. The steps and procedure to arrange an expo are mentioned below:

Request of permission

The company looking to arrange expo or exhibition should submit a request for permission to the concerned department in the Dubai government. Exhibition Designers Dubai will help the company by making sure that the request is sent with all the required items and is unobjectionable, thus not only saving the time but also financial resources. The request form contains what items are to be shown in Expo, will there be any ticket on the entry of expo or is it free.

Selection of venue

Selection of venue is a very important process in arranging the expo, as the right venue will attract lots of people to visit the expo and take interest in the expo. A mistake in the section of the venue for the expo can result in a total disaster. Again, Exhibition Designers Dubai will help you in the selection of the right venue, because they are experienced in their work and have arranged countless exhibitions for their valued customers all around the globe.

Guidance staff/local staff for Expo

A lot of manpower is required to arrange a successful exhibition or an expo. Considering financial restraints on the organizer, the complete staff required cannot be flown in from their country, so local staff has to be hired for a smooth execution of expo. Exhibition Designers Dubai will hire that staff for you and make sure that they handle the expo professionally and you get the best results from your expo.

Food and entertainment

For the visitors, such things matter. Exhibition Designers Dubai will bring in the best food providers; this will result in cutting your cost as they will pay to purchase a stall. Exhibition Designers Dubai will also make sure that the visitors are kept entertained.


Post the expo it is a very tiresome task to wrap up the expo. Exhibition Designers Dubai will help you in a smooth wrapping up for your expo and cared to handle of your products.

Exhibition Designers Dubai is professional in their work and make sure that you get the best return for your money spent in hiring them and for the expo.

Modernization by the Tenant – What is allowed, what is not?

Laminate flooring, new tiles in the bathroom, insert a new wall, replace a stair lift or the bathtub through a whirlpool: What are the tenants allowed to convert into the apartment without the owner being able to complain? Finally, some changes may not be made without the consent of the landlord.

What transformations are allowed?

Moving to a new apartment or modernization is coming. Until then, tenants in the apartment can unlock as long as they can, and the changes can be reversed without further damage, without causing any damage. In general, structural alterations are only permitted with the consent of the landlord. Otherwise, consent must be obtained, which must be recorded in writing. All documentations mjst be done before renting the property, when I rented my house my realtor i.e. eXp Real Estate and Sarah Williams Austin helped me in signing those papers.

The tenant has a legal right to this consent only if a handicapped use of the apartment is necessary. If the tenant requires a stair lift, he is entitled to the consent of the landlord. If, however, the lift blocks the stairs for other tenants so that they can no longer be used, the claim no longer applies.

Financially, tenants are mostly on their own. In the case of such large structural changes, a small loan is needed quickly in order to cope with high costs. Modernization, such as a stairs lift, can be financed favorably with private loans. An overview of different providers can be found here.

Such measures are generally only valid with the consent of the owner. In the course of the tenancy, the landlord will probably not notice such construction measures. However, there will be problems with the transfer of housing, which must be removed at the end of the tenancy without leaving any damage.

New tiles in the bathroom and hot tub

Also the new tile is only with the consent of the landlord. Without this permission, the tenant runs a great risk of installing high-quality tiles but having to remove them at the end of the rental period. The same applies to the installation of a whirlpool – this is only permitted if the owner of the apartment agrees. Finally, the removal of an existing shower or bathtub is not possible without an intervention in the building fabric and must therefore be approved.

Design the walls in colorful colors as well as new carpet flooring

Completely independent of the existing obligation for beauty repairs, tenants must always return a flat in a color neutral color when moving out – then colorful walls are to be painted over. If the rented apartment has been riveted with a carpet, the tenant is entitled to an exchange if it is worn out. If, however, the apartment was rented without carpet, the tenant may also lay a new floor. However, this is to be removed again when pulling out.