Usually, we complain of back pains due to our work and our daily routine, but these can also be due to a sedentary lifestyle. Whatever the reason, we would all like to receive from time to time a good professional massage that will help us release tensions and relieve some muscular contracture. However, we can not always afford this treatment, so in the following article of a How we show you step by step how to give a back massage, perfect to surprise any family or friend, and then receive one in return.

You will need to:

  • Towels.
  • Cream or oil.
  • Camilla, bed or table.

The main thing to give a back massage is to have a specific stretcher for it, since these have the right height so that your back does not end damaged and, above all, ensure the comfort of the person who will receive the massage. Now, if you do not have a massage table, you can always use other options such as a bed, sofa and even a table with some towels on top so that the surface is not so hard.
The person who is going to receive the massage should remove the clothes from the upper body (sweater, shirt, shirt, etc.) and unbuckle the pants so that you can better access the lower part of your back, better known as zone lumbar. Then lie down on the stretcher, and place a pillow or cushion under your belly to prevent the curvature of your lower back from increasing.

Also, put a folded towel under your forehead to try to keep your neck straight, although if the stretcher has a hole in which you can position your face, it is best to do so.
Once it is well placed, you should place a piece of paper or a towel on your pants, skirt or underwear, that is, at the waist. This will prevent the clothing from staining by the cream or oil that is applied after giving the massage.
4 Before starting to give a massage in the back, you must inform the person who is going to receive it that you are going to start to execute the massage. Also, it is important that you tell him if at any time it is uncomfortable or painful to let you know. Take into account that, first, the massage will focus on one part of the back and then the other, both separated by the spine.
To start the massage, place yourself on one side of the patient and pour a little oil or cream into one of your hands. Then rub both hands to warm the product and ensure that it is not so cold when applied on your back.

When the product has warmed slightly, extend it around the patient’s back by means of soft movements and superficial with the tip of your fingers, as if they were caresses. You should do the movements from the neck and shoulders to the lower back. After about 5 or 6 strokes, he makes the same movements but with a little more pressure. In this way, you will reach deeper tissues.
The next step is to knead the patient’s skin and muscles with the fingertips. You must have your arms extended and the movement is based on kneading circles from the waist to reach the shoulders, passing through the different parts of the spine. This step must be repeated 3 times.
Referring to Fig.
Then you must work more muscles through movements that reach deeper areas of the back. To do this, place your L-shaped hands, that is, each thumb at 90º with respect to the other 4 fingers of the hand (which are together). The movement that has to be done is to move the four fingers of one hand towards the thumb of the opposite hand. You have to do it with pressure and gradually reduce the distance between your thumb and forefinger. It is about doing the movement in an alternating way, that is, exchanging hands as if it were the movement of a windshield wipers, and you have to repeat it all over the back about 3 times. Referring to Fig.When the muscles have already been worked, you should massage the knuckles and avoid passing over the spine. The way to do the knuckle massage, is to place the straight arms and cuffs on the patient’s back. The movement consists of sliding the cuffs with pressure from the waist up. After about three passes all over the back, we must drag the knuckles back lightly, insisting on those parts that we notice more contracted and, especially, on the shoulders. Remember that when you have finished with one part of the back, you must do the same on the other side.
10 After the knuckle massage, pressure on the patient’s spine should be done with the thumbs. To do this, you must extend both thumbs between the spine and the shoulder blades (bones behind the back and above our posterior ribs on each side of the spine) and make a sustained pressure with one of the thumbs from the Hips to the head.

Then you have to make the same movement of sliding the thumbs down the patient’s back, but this time with both thumbs on each side of the back and making the movement in the opposite direction. That is, you have to make a constant pressure and slide the thumbs from the shoulders to the patient’s hips. This movement must be repeated several times according to the width of the back. Each time you have to put your thumbs more distanced from the spine, and therefore more distanced between them.
To finish the massage, you have to do some turns that are achieved by placing both hands in the lower part of the spine, and the movement consists of sliding one hand towards you and the other towards the opposite side making a small pressure, as if Rub the patient’s skin. This movement you have to do it all over the back three times, that is to say you have to reach the shoulders and go back down.
13 The last step to indicate that the back massage has ended, is to extend the fingers of both hands and slide the buds of these along the entire back. Make each time the movement slower and more superficial, as if the hands are floating. When finished, you have to put a towel over the patient’s back so that it does not get cold.
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The temperature of the room in which we are going to do the massage has to be pleasant, because otherwise the person who receives the massage will not enjoy it.
No pressure should be placed above the spine.
Be careful not to make the same pressure in the lower back, because in this area there are no ribs that protect the internal organs.Once you have put your hands on the patient, you can not stop touching it at any time along the massage.It is recommended that the person receiving the massage slowly rise because his body is very relaxed and could fall.

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