Relaxing massages applied by professional staff are used to solve various problems and to provide benefits that can be appreciated immediately.In muscle problems such as contractures, they provide immediate relief by working the muscle fibers to relax the muscle and relieve pain caused by prolonged unnatural postures or jerky movements that injure the muscles and produce acute pain, at the same time as the muscles recover The elasticity and its normal tone when the points of tension disappear.Activating the blood circulation increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which favours the better functioning of internal organs to improve overall health.

The benefits of a relaxing massage are noticeable both physically and emotionally in the person’s health because providing a relaxing sensation dispels tensions and worries, which in itself is a desirable advantage.The skin also benefits from relaxing massage because removing dead skin cells helps the body to more easily release waste from metabolic products.

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Therapeutic Benefits of a Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is applied throughout the body with emphasis on the back and the lower part of the neck, as it is in this area that the signs of worry, fears and restlessness are concentrated. The massage helps the body to acquire better postural education, relieves discomfort by bad postures and fight stress.

One of the services of CEFIREN is the relaxing therapeutic massage to offer the benefits that we have mentioned and it can be applied to children and adults and to influence very positively in their emotional and physical health. A relaxing massage is recommended on a regular basis to obtain and maintain its benefits. Ask for your appointment and enjoy this benefit.


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